An 8% decline in the number of entry level jobs and the average graduate starting salary is now £23,309 the lowest level since October 2013.

This could be a reaction to the National Living Wage or fears over Brexit. However there are a number of interesting issues raised in this article.

Firstly are we going to see a migration of graduates out of the Capital. Certainly the tech companies are looking outside of the capital to attract talent. The high rents and cost of locating in London are already forcing many smaller businesses out. So the availability of jobs and the cost of locating outside of London could well drive graduate migration.

The other question is how valuable will further education be in being able to secure a job in the future. With the number of jobs falling the decision as to whether to take a degree may well be set against the opportunity to obtain a job after A-Levels. 

If you can get a job and get on to a career path given the trends outlined above and in the article this may well be the path that leads to success?